Self Discovery Online Members

The Self Discovery Network gives you all the tools you need to transform your life into the life your heart truly desires.
The Self Discovery Network has a Online Network for $99 where we aim to bring like minded people together to a place where you can be inspired, supported and educated through a wide variety of our personalized programs and virtual world.
Self-Discovery Network offers monthly online networking meetings, coaching, speakers, self-empowerment programs, weekly Q&A’s with Kelly Sayers, Self Discovery TV and other inspirational products.

Why Virtual Networking?

* Promote Your Business
* Awaken Your Leadership Qualities
* Become an Expert in your Niche
* Surround yourself with people who will support YOUR Success
* Raise Your Energy to a higher vibration for Attracting Your Perfect Customers
* Become part of our Community for Self Empowerment
* Grow Your Business with a team of Professionals

Additional Benefits

* Virtually meet Inspirational Authors and People
* Discover a new YOU in Business
* Meet amazing people with amazing stories
* Receive regular E-newsletters
* Seek the Opportunity to Become an Author and promote your books in our bookstore
* Have access to FREE BetterLife TV Interviews Online easily downloadable onto your computer
* STOP looking for perfect customers and start attracting them.
* Email and enquire further information