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The Self Discovery Network gives you all the tools you need to transform your life into the life your heart truly desires.
The Self Discovery Network is a monthly networking group where we aim to bring likeminded people together to a place where you can be inspired, supported and educated through a wide variety of our personalized programs, breakfasts and an online virtual world.
Self-Discovery Network offers monthly networking meetings, coaching, speakers, self-empowerment programs, Self Discovery Magazine, Self Discovery TV and other inspirational products.

Pricing List

Individual Membership Corporate Membership Certified Coaches Membership
$225 $325 Free
Special Offer:
This month only admin fee complimentary
Special Offer:
This month only admin fee complimentary
The individual membership
is perfect for small business
professional and coaches.
The corporate membership is
perfect for a growing business
with up to 5 staff memberships.
This membership is
for 5p’s Certified
Coaches only!
Only pay $45 for the Monthly
Only pay $45 for the Monthly
Only pay $45 for the
Monthly Breakfast*
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*Booking the Breakfast 24 hours is closed pay $45 pp cash on day.


Self Discovery Network Monthly Networking Luncheons


What are the Benefits of Networking?

* Promote Your Business
* Awaken Your Leadership Qualities
* Become an Expert in your Niche
* Surround yourself with people who will support YOUR Success
* Raise Your Energy to a higher vibration for Attracting Your Perfect Customers
* Become part of our Community for Self Empowerment
* Grow Your Business with a team of Professionals

Additional Benefits

* Meet Inspirational Authors and People
* Discover a new YOU in Business
* Meet amazing people with amazing stories
* Receive regular E-newsletters
* Seek the Opportunity to Become an Author and promote your books in our bookstore
* Have access to FREE Self Discovery TV Interviews Online easily downloadable onto your computer
* STOP looking for perfect customers and start attracting them.